Easy Ways To Reduce Lag In Garena Free Fire MAX, The Fun Of Playing Will Be Double

To reduce lag in Garena Free Fire MAX, players have to take special care of many things. With this they will be able to easily improve their gaming experience.

Story Highlights

  • Lag can be reduced in Garena Free Fire MAX.
  • For this, change the graphics settings.
  • It is important to have more RAM and storage in the phone.

Players playing Garena Free Fire MAX think of performing well in the game. For this, players should have skills. Players are always trying to improve their skills and strategies. However, even after this, players may have to face problems due to lag in the game. This also spoils the gaming experience. To avoid this, today we are giving tips to reduce lag. Come, let us know.

How to reduce lag in Garena Free Fire MAX

Close background apps

To reduce lag in Free Fire MAX, players should close the apps running in the background while playing the game so that the device’s RAM remains free. By closing background apps, the device will get free RAM and there will be no problems like lag while playing games.

Make these changes in graphics settings

Lag problem occurs even while playing games on old phones. For this reason you should make changes to the graphics settings. Keep graphics settings low for older phones. You should keep the graphics smooth and FPS on high. This will also help in reducing lag.

turn off low power mode

Most phones have the option of low power mode or battery saver. Don’t worry about draining your battery while playing games and turn off the power saver. By using it, the processor runs at a lower speed, due to which one has to face the problem of lag.

free up phone storage

To reduce lag in Free Fire Max, it is very important to have free storage in the phone. For this reason, delete some apps to free up storage. Delete the photo also. With this, you will be able to reduce lag while playing games to a great extent. With less lag, you will enjoy playing the popular battle royale game. You will get a great experience. The methods mentioned here are very easy to reduce lag.

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