Double Diamonds Offer in Free Fire Max: How to get Diamonds at low cost?

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Double Diamonds : Free Fire Max is the world’s most famous battle royale game played on Android and iOS devices. While playing this game, you get the feel of real experience. Like guns, flashy outfits and other things that impress the players.

Garena’s in-game currency is Diamonds, which players can purchase with Indian money. However, using this currency you can buy unique items like elite passes, elite bundles, gun skins, emotes, characters and pets.

Developers keep adding events inside the game. Currently Double Diamonds special event has been added. From this event, players can get double diamonds at a lower price. Well, in this article we are going to look at Double Diamonds Offer in Free Fire Max: How to Get Diamonds at Low Prices.

Double Diamonds Offer in Free Fire Max : How to get Diamonds at low cost?


Here are the steps to get Double Diamonds in Free Fire Max:

1) Open the Free Fire Max game on the smartphone.

2) Going to the Top-up Events section, the Double Diamonds offer page will appear.

3) Gamers will see different types of options on the screen.

4) After that, players can select if they want to buy any top-up from the store section.

5) After making payment, players will get 100% bonus with that diamonds top-up.

Event bonus options with diamonds

  • 100 Diamonds Top-up : 100 Diamonds Bonus
  • 200 Diamonds Top-up : 200 Diamonds Bonus
  • 300 Diamonds Top-up : 300 Diamonds Bonus
  • 500 Diamonds Top-up : 500 Diamonds Bonus

Players can pay using Indian methods to buy diamonds and the diamonds will be credited to the in-game account immediately thereafter.