Does using GFX tools in Free Fire MAX get account banned?

Many people face lag problem in Free Fire MAX. This is why people try different things. There are many GFX tools available, which provide a smooth experience in the game and eliminate the problem of lag. However, many people have a question in their mind whether it is safe or not. In this article we will talk about the same.

Does using GFX tools in Free Fire MAX get account banned?

GFX Tools are actually third-party apps and that is why you should stay away from them. This definitely improves the game and the game starts running smoother. Many GFX tools claim that accounts do not get banned. However, this thing is against the policy of Free Fire MAX. Due to this, loss can definitely occur.

Let us tell you that Garena has stated in its policy that actually using any third party tool which gives you a slight advantage over other players in the game is against the policy. It is wrong to use any other tool to improve the game. It has been clearly stated that due to this the account may be banned forever.

According to Garena’s Abuse Policy, using any third party app is banned. Due to this the account may be suspended forever. Apart from this, hacks, mods and unlimited tools can also cause harm. If your phone lags, you can upgrade the device. Also keep display settings low. Also, do not install too many apps in your mobile and do not keep any app in the background. You can definitely benefit from this to some extent.

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