Does using Diamond Mode app of Free Fire MAX get account banned?

Free Fire MAX: There are many different types of items including characters and pets in Free Fire MAX. You can get these by using the in-game currency Diamonds. You can buy diamonds by spending money. Many people also see it as an investment. Meanwhile, many people fall into the trap of mod apps.

It is said that by using the Mods app you can get unlimited diamonds. This thing does not work but some people use it for the sake of proof. They think that using it will not cause any harm. This does not happen and you may face some problems. In this article we will talk about them only.

Does using Diamond Mode app of Free Fire MAX get account banned?

Anti Hack FAQ is available on the official website of Free Fire MAX. Information about many things is given in it. Here the developers have clearly stated that if you try to change the things present in the game by using apps which are not made by Garena, then this thing comes in the form of cheating.

The developers have a zero tolerance policy for any kind of cheating. One thing is clear from this that your account will be banned forever. It is not that the account will come back after some time. The account is created forever and the device is also banned. You will not be able to play the game even after creating a new ID. For this reason, you should stay away from these modes completely. This will be a good decision for you.

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