Who is diamond king of free fire: ff Diamond king

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Hello friends, friends whenever we play free fire game we think many times before top up in free fire game but friends do you know that there are many people in India who have spent crores of diamond till now . And today we will tell you about free fire diamond king.

Friends , whoever uses the most diamond in free fire players is called Diamond King. Many people spend a lot of their money to buy a diamond.

Many people who play Free Fire do not know who is the Diamond King of Free Fire in India? If you want to know about diamond king of free fire game in India then you have come to the right place. With the help of this article, you will be able to know who is the diamond king of free fire in India and why it is called diamond king.


Who is the Free Fire Diamond King?

Friends, Lokesh gamer is called the diamond king of free fire game in India. Lokesh Gamer was the first free fire player in India to top up 1 lakh diamond.

Although many people have topped up more than 10 lakh diamond even after this, but the person who has topped up more than 10 lakh diamond in free fire game in India is Lokesh Gamer.


Who is Lokesh Gamer?


Friends, it was told above that Lokesh Gamer is called the Diamond King of India’s free fire, but now the question must be arising in your mind that who is Lokesh Gamer after all. Lokesh Gamer’s real name is Lokesh Raj Singh. Lokesh Gamer’s house is in Hyderabad.

Lokesh is an Indian YouTuber by profession and has a YouTube channel named Lokesh Gamer. Currently, Lokesh Gamer has 11.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Lokesh has two more YouTube channels along with Lokesh Gamer. Whose name is LR7 GAMING and LR7 MOON. Lokesh Kumar’s height is approximately 178 cms. And his weight is about 56 kg. Lokesh Gamer is also called Riches noob in free fire by his fans.

Friend Lokesh Gamer’s own YouTube channel LR7 MOON has 66.3 thousand subscribers as well as another channel LR7 GAMING has 1.13 million subscribers.


Why is Lokesh Gamer called Diamond King?

Lokesh gamer is called diamond king of India because so far Lokesh gamer has spent more than 10 crore diamond in free fire and also Lokesh gamer puts his diamond in different things.

There are many achievements in the free fire game named after Lokesh Gamer. Lokesh gamers buy diamond batches in free fire and their selling numbers are worth seeing.


Who is the king of diamonds in the free fire?

Friends, in India, the diamond king of free fire is called Lokesh Gamer. Lokesh Gamer is the highest user of Diamond in YouTube and he tops up and uses Diamond along with his ID in the ID of some of his selected subscribers. Lokesh Kumar has most of the items in the free fire game.


Who has the highest diamonds in free fire?

Friends, it is not easy to find out who has the most diamonds in the free fire game. Maybe a person has many diamonds and he has not revealed it yet. Therefore it is very difficult to answer this question.


Who is fastest player of Free Fire?

Many people want to know who is the fastest player in free fire game. Friends Rai Star is called the fastest free fire player by the people. Although maybe someone plays faster free fire than Rai but most of the people believe that Rai Star is the fastest free fire player.


Which is the most rarest thing in Free Fire?

Friends, real things in free fire games are such that only a few people have them and now they will never come again in free fire, although many things are rare in free fire games, but most of them in free fire games The rarest cheese is considered to be the Green Criminal Bundle.

The complete criminal bundle along with the green criminal bundle is very rare and very few people have this bundle.



So friends, now you must have known very well who is the free fire diamond king? How did you like this information, please tell in the comment and also share the information.

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