Daddy Calling UID, Stats, K/D ratio, Real Name, Net Worth And Biography

Daddy Calling UID: Free Fire MAX has taken the gaming community by storm, embodying the current trend where online gaming stands as a universal favorite. In the realm of online battleground games, Free Fire Max, as you probably know, shines as a thrilling and captivating experience, drawing in a substantial and dedicated fanbase. Its meteoric rise in popularity has earned admiration for the skilled players who dominate the game.

If you’re a Free Fire Max enthusiast, you’re likely eager to witness the gameplay of your favorite player. Especially if your favorite player happens to be a prominent YouTuber, you may be keen on watching their videos, perhaps even dreaming of joining them in-game or gaining insights into their life. Today, in this special article, we introduce you to one such eminent player who has made a name for themselves on YouTube.

Daddy Calling Free Fire MAX ID, Stats, KD Ratio, Real Name, Net Worth, and Biography

The YouTuber we’re talking about goes by the name Daddy Calling. If you’re a Free Fire Max enthusiast, Daddy Calling’s name is probably already familiar to you. This is because he holds the distinction of being the first player to reach the highest level in the Indian Server of the Free Fire Max game. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of Daddy Calling’s ID, statistics, KD ratio, real name, net worth, and biography.

Who is Daddy Calling?

Daddy Calling is not just a Free Fire Max player but also a content creator and YouTuber. His in-game name is ĐᴀDĐʏCᴀʟʟIɴ₲, and his real name is Rohit Dhotre Patil. He hails from Maharashtra, India, and has garnered significant attention on YouTube by achieving the highest level in the Free Fire Max game. Nowadays, millions of people enjoy watching his Free Fire Max gameplay videos.

How Did Daddy Calling’s Level 92 ID Get Banned? Daddy Calling once uploaded a video on his YouTube channel, where he shared the news of his Free Fire Max ID being banned. Given that Daddy Calling had achieved the highest level in the Indian Server, his Free Fire ID was always a topic of discussion among fans. When his fans learned that his Free Fire ID had been banned, it was a disheartening moment.

Daddy Calling explained that his Free Fire ID was banned due to Facebook’s involvement in some illegal activities. However, Garena Free Fire later unbanned his ID, and he resumed playing the game with his real Daddy Calling ID, also continuing to upload videos under the same ID. During the period when his Free Fire ID was banned, he played the game with a new ID for a brief time.

Daddy Calling Free Fire Max UID: Daddy Calling ID – 758139311

Daddy Calling Free Fire Max New UID: Daddy Calling New ID – 194095234

Daddy Calling Free Fire MAX Profile Highlights:

  • ID: 237647354
  • New ID: 194095234
  • Level: 92
  • Guild Name: DADDY
  • Guild ID: 62439331
  • Guild Glory: 4393621
  • Likes: 99999+
  • Stylish Name: ĐᴀDĐʏCᴀʟʟIɴ₲
  • Social Style: JAI HIND

Daddy Calling Wikipedia:

  • Real Name: Rohit Dhotre Patil
  • Nick Name: Rohit
  • In-Game Name: ĐᴀDĐʏCᴀʟʟIɴ₲
  • Date Of Birth: N/A
  • Birth Place: Maharashtra, India
  • Address: Maharashtra, India
  • Profession: YouTuber, Streamer, Gaming Video Creator
  • Famous For: Free Fire Max Game Play
  • Hobbies: Playing PC Games and Free Fire Max, Traveling, Level Push
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Height: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Age: N/A
  • Monthly Income: 2 to 3 Lakhs

Daddy Calling Social Media Links:

  • YouTube: [Insert Link]
  • Instagram: [Insert Link]
  • Facebook: [Insert Link]
  • Discord: [Insert Link]

Daddy Calling’s YouTube Journey

Daddy Calling initiated his YouTube channel on April 7, 2021, and uploaded his first video on May 24, 2021. Currently, his YouTube channel boasts over 1.6 million subscribers, with over 500 videos to enjoy. One of his most popular videos, titled ‘2 LEVEL DONE #shorts,’ has crossed 20 million views and received over 700,000 likes. He frequently uploads videos showcasing his journey to achieving the highest level in the game. In addition to his primary channel, Daddy Calling also maintains another channel named ‘DaddyCalling live.’

Daddy Calling’s Education & Qualifications

There is no available information regarding Daddy Calling’s educational qualifications. If we come across any additional qualifications, we will share them with you through this post.

Daddy Calling’s Family

Apart from Daddy Calling, his family includes his parents, but we do not have information about other family members at this time. Any new information regarding his family will be shared with you through this post.

Daddy Calling’s Net Worth

Daddy Calling generates income through YouTube Adsense and sponsorships, earning approximately 2 to 3 lakhs per month. His estimated net worth is around 30 lakhs.

Daddy Calling Free Fire Max Lifetime Career Stats:

  • Squad Games: Played 42,628, Won 16,723, Total Kills 143,099, K/D Ratio 5.32
  • Duo Games: Played 2,489, Won 262, Total Kills 4,039, K/D Ratio 1.81
  • Solo Games: Played 4,442, Won 378, Total Kills 8,095, K/D Ratio 1.99

Note: These statistics may change with every game played.

Daddy Calling has exclusively played squad games in this Ranked Season. He has participated in 528 squad games, emerged victorious in 138, and secured a total of 1,996 kills, with a K/D Ratio of 5.12.

Note: These statistics may change with every game played.

Daddy Calling Free Fire Max CS Stats: Daddy Calling has played a total of 3,451 games in Clash Squad mode, with 2,037 wins and 14,349 kills. His K/D Ratio in this mode stands at 1.75, with a headshot percentage of 33.61%. Notably, he has achieved 4,743 headshot kills.

Note: These statistics may change with every game played.

Daddy Calling FAQs:

Daddy Calling Real Name?

Answer: Rohit Dhotre Patil

Daddy Calling Level?

Answer: 92

Daddy Calling ID Number?

Answer: 237647354

Daddy Calling New ID Number?

Answer: 194095234

Daddy Calling Stylish Name?

Answer: ĐᴀDĐʏCᴀʟʟIɴ₲

Daddy Calling UID 92 Level?

Answer: 92


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