CRP Gaming’s Free Fire Max ID, Stats, K/D Ratio, YouTube Earnings and more

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Free Fire Max Stats: CRP Gaming is a Free Fire Max content creator. This player started his gaming career a long time ago. Currently CRP Gaming official channel has 1.08 million subscribers. He has another channel.

Well, in this article, we are going to share CRP Gaming ‘s Free Fire Max ID, Stats, K/D Ratio and other details.

Note: Free Fire is officially banned by the Indian government. Because of this players prefer to play Max version.

CRP Gaming‘s Free Fire ID and Stats

The Free Fire ID of CRP Gaming is 20494165.

career stats

CRP Gaming has won 1163 of the 5623 squad matches played in Free Fire Max. He has made 13698 kills and has a K/D ratio of 3.07. His winning percentage is 20.68%. This player has played 1140 matches in duo mode. During this he has won 138. He has made 2324 kills and has a K/D ratio of 2.32. His winning percentage is 12.10%. He has won 92 matches playing 772 matches in solo mode. Apart from this, he has done 1330 kills and his K/D ratio is 1.96. His winning percentage is 11.91%.

rank stats

CRP Gaming has played 48 squad matches in Clash Squad Ranked Mode in Free Fire Max, winning 17 of them. He has made 197 kills and has a K/D ratio of 6.35. His win percentage is 35.41%. This player has made 4 kills by playing 1 match in duo mode. He has played 1 match in solo mode and registered 1 win. Apart from this, he has made 23 kills and has a K/D ratio of 23.00. His winning percentage is 100.00%.

Note: Information about CRP Gaming’s stats is given by looking at the profile, which can change at any moment in the future.

earning from youtube

According to SocialBlade, CRP Gaming‘s monthly earnings range from $20 to $327 and annual earnings range from $245 to $3.9K.

Youtube channel

CRP Gaming started its gaming career a long time ago. Currently there are 1.08 million subscribers on the official YouTube channel of this player.

The videos of this youtuber have been viewed by thousands of viewers. Apart from this, they provide great content on their official channel. Click here to go to the official channel of this player.