Can Using Diamond Generators in Free Fire lead to an account ban?

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With the help of diamonds in Garena Free Fire, players can buy different types of things. It is not possible for everyone to buy diamonds with money. This is why players are familiar with diamond generators. In this article, we will know whether Diamonds Generators can get your account banned.


Can Diamond Generators Get Account Banned in Free Fire?

Free Fire diamond generators claim that they can give you unlimited diamonds for free. All you have to do is a simple human verification. However, this task is not easy as websites keep such verifications which are not possible to complete.

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All these websites are completely fake and do not work in any way. Let us tell you that all the data of Free Fire is stored on the server and all the information related to Diamonds also stays on the server. Such generators cannot cause any changes on the server.

Screenshot of terms and policies (Image via Free Fire)

It’s clear that it doesn’t work. The biggest thing is that in these generators you have to enter your account information. For this reason all your data goes to them. They can do anything with your ID. According to Free Fire’s policy, doing all these things is not legal and your account may get banned.

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The game does not tolerate cheating in any way and for this reason your account can be banned forever. Getting free diamonds for Free Fire is not easy. Especially these diamond generators do not work in any way. For this reason, players should stay away from these things.


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