Can an account be unbanned in Free Fire MAX?

Many times in Free Fire MAX, players’ accounts get suspended, permanently banned or become inactive for a short period of time. In such situations many people face problems. Many people try different tricks to unban. In this article we will learn about the right method and real reasons.

Can an account be unbanned in Free Fire MAX?

Many people on Google or YouTube tell that there are very easy tricks to unban an account. However, these things usually don’t work. Many people use hacks, mods, scripts or third party apps and then when the mistake is found, they are banned from Free Fire MAX. In such a situation, it is almost impossible to get the account back.

According to Garena, if you use any of the things mentioned above, it is against the game’s policy because you are trying to gain an advantage over others. Actually developers have created Anti-Hack system and mistakes are easily caught. If you cheat, your account will definitely be banned.

If you have not made any such mistake, then you can definitely file a request to get the account back. However, you will have to provide proper proof for this. It is difficult to get work done without proof. If the account is banned due to the mistake mentioned above, there will be no point in trying. If none of the above mentioned things are there, then there is definitely a chance of getting the account back.

You have to follow the steps given below

Step 1: Open the Help Center from this link and login here with your official Free Fire MAX account ID.

Step 3: Select “Submit a Request” on the homepage and select the game.

Step 5: Click on “Ban Appeal” and give information in English. Paste the necessary proofs also.

Step 6: Submit the request and you will get a response in a few days.

You will get updates in “My Requests” on this website.


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