Best ways to get diamonds in Free Fire OB38 version

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Garena’s Free Fire is currently running on the OB38 update, which was released on January 11, 2023. The OB39 update is expected to launch sometime in the third week of March since Garena rolls out new updates every two months.

This update is expected to bring in some new events, in-game collectibles, rewards, bug fixes, and technical improvements to enhance the overall gaming experience for players.

With millions of players logging into Free Fire and playing daily, the competition among them gets intense. Most of them are looking to gain an early advantage over others and compete for a chance to be on the leaderboard.

However, simply performing well in missions and playing regularly won’t suffice; players need to spend real money to get Diamonds, the game’s premium currency. Diamonds allow players to purchase certain items that cannot be purchased with Gold Coins, including rare and event-exclusive items that are only available for a limited time.

Diamonds can be obtained for free or at cheaper rates in Free Fire

Diamonds serve as the prime currency of the game and are used to help in leveling up quickly. Those who are financially conservative can look into the following ways to earn Diamonds for free or at cheaper rates in the game’s OB38 version.

1) Events

Garena is known to update the game with new events frequently, and participating in them is one of the best ways to earn free diamonds and other rewards. However, these events are only open for limited periods of time. Hence, players looking to stack up diamonds and get an early advantage over others in battle royale missions shouldn’t miss out on them.

2) Advance Server

Advance Server is a Free Fire client that allows players to playtest an update before it releases officially. After registering, selected players will get the chance to test the update, report any bugs, and suggest improvements. Garena will gift the playtesters with free diamonds as a token of appreciation.

With the OB39 update’s release on the horizon, registrations for the Advance Server will be open soon, so players shouldn’t miss out on this.

3) Redeem Codes

Redeem codes are 12-16 characters long and are published by Garena to commemorate special occasions or celebrate certain events. These codes can be redeemed on Free Fire’s official Rewards Redemption Site. Entering the codes received will help players access free diamonds and other in-game collectibles.

4) Memberships

This is a cheaper method to get large quantities of diamonds. Memberships have been in the game for a long time and come with weekly and monthly plans. Subscribing to both plans together will unlock the Super VIP Privileges. Players will receive a specified amount of diamonds after their first subscription and more diamonds through daily check-in, along with additional rewards.

Disclaimer: Free Fire is unavailable on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store due to government-imposed restrictions. Players are not authorized to download the game from third-party websites. However, Free Fire MAX is available on the app stores and can be played.