Best Tips and Tricks to Increase Win Rate in Free Fire Max

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Guide : In Free Fire Max, every gamer inside the game make different guesses to keep their own stats at the best. These statistics are based on kills, win rate and performance. Players also get Tags with the help of Achievements. Well, in this article we are going to look at the tips and tricks to increase the win rate in Free Fire Max.

Best Tips and Tricks to Increase Win Rate in Free Fire Max

5) Selection of Settings and HUD

Gamers can increase the win ratio depending on the settings and preferences on the field. Gamers can also customize the sensitivity, audio, graphics and other things. This modification depends on the gameplay of the players.

4) Selection of character and pets

In Free Fire Max, there are characters and pets based on different strengths within the game. Players can unlock characters and pets of their choice from the store section. The strength of every character and stomach is different on the ground. Some characters are capable of buoyancy. Like K, Alok, Dimitri, and Pets Mr. Waggor, Ottero, and Falco etc.

3) Play with better teammates and squad

Players can team up with squads and great teammates to increase their win rate on the ground. Because, teammates provide support in difficult situations. If gamers are expert then they can survive till the last by reviving again and can increase the win rate.

2) play safe

Players should play safe on the ground in Free Fire Max. Because, playing safe increases the win rate of the players. The win rate of the players increases when they make buoyah in every match.

1) Landing Sports

The landing spot is the most important thing to increase the win rate on the ground. Gamers can land at the safest locations and the best weapons are available at these locations. These weapons help in getting kills and booze in the match.

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