Best sensitivity settings and how to reduce lag in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX is very much liked and many people play this game. Most people play it on low or mid range phones. In such a situation, the chances of the game lagging increases. Besides, sensitivity settings also play an important role for better performance. In this article we will take a look at good settings and how to reduce lag.

Best sensitivity settings and how to reduce lag in Free Fire MAX

You may definitely face problems due to lag while playing Free Fire MAX. This is why many people struggle despite having good skills. If you want to improve performance, you may need to adjust the display settings. Keeping the frame rate correct will definitely be beneficial.

Display Settings (to reduce lag)

You must use these graphical settings:

  • Graphics – Smooth
  • High FPS – Normal
  • Auto Scale – Off

There are a few other things you need to keep in mind after applying low-end settings:

  • Internet connection should be stable.
  • There should not be much space on RAM.
  • There should not be any problem of storage (space).
  • Data saver mode should be off.
  • Battery saver should be off.
  • No need to use third party game boosters.

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Sensitivity Settings

Custom HUD is very much liked. With this, the sensitivity settings in Free Fire MAX make a difference. This determines the movement of the screen. You can apply the following settings:

  1. General: 96-100
  2. Red Dot: 94-98
  3. 2x scope: 85-89
  4. 4x scope: 54-58
  5. Sniper Scope: 48-52
  6. Free Look: 80-84

You should always keep the sensitivity setting high. This increases the chances of winning fights at close range.

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