Ajju bhai face reveal, Total Gaming aka Ajju Bhai finally reveals his face

Indian gaming sensation Total Gaming, also known as Ajju Bhai, unveiled his face on December 30, 2023, marking a significant moment in his successful five-year career with over 37 million subscribers. Fulfilling promises made to his fans, he chose to reveal his face and share his real name, Ajendra Variya, through a four-minute-23-second video uploaded at 9:30 am on the same day, just before the arrival of 2024.

Anticipation soared among fans eagerly awaiting their beloved gaming influencer, evident in the staggering engagement with over 140,000 comments and 700,000 likes on the scheduled video before its official release.

Total Gaming finally reveals his face and real name

Following its public release, the video swiftly attracted over 3.5 million viewers, 900,000 likes, and 250,000 comments (as of now), underscoring Total Gaming’s immense popularity. In the video caption, Ajendra Variya expressed the significance of the moment, inviting viewers into his gaming world.

Grateful for the support, he acknowledged feeling a bit nervous but thanked his audience for their unwavering presence on this remarkable journey. Notable Indian influencers such as Desi Gamers and The Rawknee Games have responded to the video. Interestingly, just a few days ago, he admitted to being too nervous to reveal his face.

Who is Total Gaming?

Ajendra Varia, formerly known as Total Gaming, hails from Gujarat and is a prominent gaming YouTuber. Specializing in Free Fire gameplay, he manages six YouTube channels. His flagship channel, Total Gaming, boasts a staggering 37.4 million subscribers, making him the most subscribed Indian gaming influencer.

Ajju Bhai ( Total Gaming) Face Reveal Video

Ajjubhai Release a video regarding to face reveal, see full video now.

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