A look at all the ranges of scopes available in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX: Everyone wants to perform better in fights in Free Fire MAX. In the game, fighting can be seen at close range as well as at distance. Scopes have been made for fighting at distance, which increases accuracy. This is beneficial even at close range. In this article we will talk about all the scopes present in the game.

A look at all the ranges of scopes available in Free Fire MAX

1- Red Dot

Red dot scopes are generally used at close ranges. Along with this, you can use it in medium range also. This gives you very good vision at close range.

2- 2x scope

2x scope can be considered a better option in terms of accuracy compared to red dot. It remains a little more zoomed. This can be used at close range but it is mainly a mid range thing.

3- 4x scope

The 4x scope can be used for people who are moving. With this you can find out the location of distant opponents. This scope is a good option for people who generally use assault rifles at long and mid ranges.

4- Thermal Scope

Using a thermal scope you can quickly spot opponents who are not visible. It has a medium range and can be used to locate campers.

5- Sniper Scope (8x)

Using the 8x scope in Free Fire MAX, you can easily spot opponents at long ranges. With this he can directly target the head. It comes pre-installed with guns like AWM and KAR 98.

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