A look at all the main features coming in the OB43 update of Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX: There is a lot of hype about the OB43 update of Free Fire MAX. It will be released in a few days. Many big changes can be seen in the game with this update. The developers have officially given information about some changes. Some features have arrived in the advance server but now it is known what changes players can expect in the new version. In this article, we are going to take a look at some important features of the OB43 update of the game.

A look at all the main features coming in the OB43 update of Free Fire MAX

Players can expect the following features from the new OB43 update of Free Fire MAX:

  • In-game events called Chaos Coming are about to enter
  • Some changes will be seen in the Nexterra map. Zipway will change and the size of the map will also be smaller. Along with this, structure and other types of adjustments will also be seen.
  • The entry of the new Ryden character will be seen. In this, the character will have a power named Spider Trap.
  • There will be a big change in the strength of Santino character.
  • Slight adjustments will be made to the skills of Ignis, Homer, Wukong, Chrono, Tatsuya, Sonia, Orion, Antonio, Alvaro and Ford.
  • Guns like M500, G36, VSS, Kingfisher, Trogon and M60 will see slight adjustments.
  • Some updates are also going to be seen in Battle Royale and Clash Squad mode.)

Information about in-game events is also given in the new patch. Events are also being released continuously with the last few updates. This time also this thing will continue. Meanwhile, people will also get to see the main prizes.

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