A Fun Tips For Free Fire Gamers, Learn How To Become Mentor Of This Game And Get Lots Of Rewards

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The developers of Free Fire are always introducing some exciting items to the game. For this reason, the gameplay of this game is constantly improving and users have got a better experience.

After the Free Fire OB31 update update, Garena has released Mentor and Cadet systems. This gives gamers a chance to get some rewards like Gun Skins, Bundles etc. If you also play Free Fire and want to become a Mentor or Cadet, then you have to take care of some important things mentioned below.



This system of Free Fire is divided into two parts. One mentor and the other cadet. To get the rank of Mentor, the player has to get the rank of Heroic in BR mode or Clash Squad mode . If a player does not meet this condition, he will get a notification saying that you are not qualified for mentor application, work hard. At the same time, only new and returning players are eligible for Cadet. At the same time, the rewards are also different for these two posts.



SVD – Swordsman Legends (7 Days)

AUG – Booyah Day (7 Days)

M79 – Hipster Bunny (7 days)


Cyber ​​Bunny Bundle (7 Days)

Neon Bunny Bundle (7 Days)

Fearless Warrior Bundle (7 Days)



If you are eligible for Mentor and Cadet then you can apply. For this, an application has to be submitted and only after its acceptance will a player be able to become a mentor or cadet.

Even then there are some conditions. A cadet can have only one mentor. At the same time, there can be three cadets inside a mentor. You can apply by following the steps given below.


Step 1: Gamers have to open the News section inside Free Fire. After that click on the Go-to button, inside which Mentor and Cadet System section will be found.


Step 2: Now those who are eligible for the role of mentor can become a mentor by pressing the apply button and invite cadets from their friend list. At the same time, cadets can also search the mentor from the list.

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