A Dangerous Shotgun Will Come After The OB31 Update In Free Fire, Know Its Effect

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With the Free Fire OB31 update, Garena is about to add a new shotgun to the game. Let us tell you the name of that shotgun and other details.

OB31 update is coming soon in Free Fire. All gamers are eagerly waiting for this update. The advance server of this upcoming update of Free Fire was released and its time is also over. In such a situation, now the new update can be released within a few days.

All gamers are waiting for new items, and changes to come through the new update. We have told you in our previous articles that after the upcoming update of Free Fire, what are the new changes that can happen in the game. Let us tell you that with the new update some new weapons are also going to be included in the game. One of those weapons is named ‘Charge Buster.

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A Dhansu Gun will come in Free Fire

Through the official Instagram handle of Garena Free Fire , the developers have released a teaser of the new weapon coming to the game after the upcoming update. It can be seen in this teaser that how special the new weapon i.e. Charge Buster is going to be. Let us give you some information about this new gun.

Charge Buster is a powerful shotgun, which players will be able to use in any range of battle royale fight. Like all other shotguns, this new shotgun will also run after holding down the fire button for some time. You will also not be able to use it in a simple way by tapping once.

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Features of Charge Buster

Players have to press and hold the button for enough time to shoot from the gun. The longer you hold down the button, the more and more dangerous the enemy’s damage will be. Although this weapon will have a limit.

The Charge Buster limit will reset again after charging and players will have to charge the gun to use it again. The developers have not yet released the official damage range and fire range of this gun, but it is expected that soon the company will present the complete details of this gun to the gamers.

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