5 ways to increase accuracy during fights in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX: Skills play a very important role in Free Fire MAX. Playing wisely leads to proper use of skills. Many people are not able to aim properly during fights. Those people have to work in terms of accuracy. In this article we will talk about the 5 best ways to increase accuracy.

5 ways to increase accuracy during fights in Free Fire MAX

1) Get the sensitivity settings right

Sensitivity settings play an important role in terms of accuracy in the game. The movement of the screen actually depends on the sensitivity. You should keep the sensitivity of red dot and TPP above 85.

2) Custom HUD Settings

Custom settings remain important. This makes a difference to the accuracy. You should use a claw setup with 2 fingers apart. Once you get used to it in a short time, this setting will definitely benefit in accuracy.

3) Position of the crosshair

The position of the crosshair has a lot to do with accuracy. Everyone wants to increase accuracy for themselves and crosshair plays an important role in this. Accuracy will increase only if you aim at the right place. Always try to keep the crosshairs on the opponent’s head.

4) Hit a drag shot

To aim at the right place and increase accuracy during fights, you should use drag shot. To perform drag show, you have to pull the joystick up and then press the fire button.

5) practice

In Free Fire MAX you must practice continuously. This may improve accuracy. You should continuously try to make shots on target with guns. If you give time to it, performance will definitely improve.

(Note: The author has given his opinion in this article. Everyone’s preference may be slightly different regarding the way of playing.)

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