5 unique features in Free Fire Max

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Free Fire Max has been officially released on Google Play Store and Apple Store. The game has been downloaded by millions of players soon after its release. At present, Free Fire Max has been downloaded by a lot of players. However, some information is not known about the unique features included in-game.

Therefore, in this article we are going to tell about 5 unique features in Free Fire Max that players should know about.


5 unique features in Free Fire Max that players should know about

Free Fire Max has been downloaded for a million on the Google Play Store

1) 360° lobby

All the battle royale favorite players will notice in Free Fire Max, the lobby screen will look quite new, which attracts more players than ever before. Apart from this, you can see the features by 360° rotation.

2) Ultra HD graphics

Players would have got the graphics information only after playing the first match in Free Fire Max. The developers at Garena have customized a slightly graphic that looks like an attractive thing to do. Apart from this, good changes can be seen in future updates.

3) Sound and Audio

Sound and audio are also attractive things for players in Free Fire Max. Because, players do not hear vehicle sound in Free Fire. The vehicle and gun sounds have been slightly changed in Free Fire Max.

4) Great mechanics inside the game

Free Fire Max has done a lot better mechanics for the players. When a car or vehicle hits a wall, tree, it will fall apart at the same time. No worries about an explosion.

5) Bermuda Max

The developers of Garena have included a new Bermuda Max map inside Free Fire Max for players. Which attracts a lot of players. Therefore, Free Fire Max was pre-registered in million.

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