5 pets that can be paired with the K character in Free Fire MAX

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Like the characters in Free Fire MAX, pets also have special powers. The K character is used a lot. With this you can get EP and it increases the conversion rate in HP. With this character you can take advantage of using several pets. In this article, we will talk about 5 pets that can be associated with the K character.

5 pets that can be paired with the K character in Free Fire MAX

5) Poring

Strengths: Stitch and Patch

Poring has Stitch and Patch power. With its help, the strength of the helmet and armor increases every 3 seconds. K increases health and you can strengthen armor by keeping it with you.

4) Ottero

Strength: Double Blubber

Whenever you use the Treatment Gun or Medkit, you get 35% EP. The EP you get can be quickly converted to HP by K.

3) Finn

Strengths: Dash Splash

Using Finn, you can increase movement speed, which increases if you are within 20 meters of the knocked out player.

2) Dr. beanie

Strengths: Dashy Duckwalk

Dr. Beanie’s Dashy Duckwalk ability increases movement speed by 30%. By combining this with K, you can benefit in terms of both movement and health.

1) Agent Hop

Strength: Bouncing Bonus

Agent has the Bouncing Bonus power. With its help, you get 30 EP when the safe zone is small. You can use K to convert that EP to HP.

(Note: The author has given his opinion about the pets in this article. You can pair any pet with K.)