5 legendary emotes in Free Fire MAX that fans love

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In Free Fire MAX, emotes are usually used by players for entertainment. You can use these emotes to charm people and even celebrate a win or a kill. Some emotes are simple and some are quite legendary. In this article, we are going to talk about 5 awesome emotes.

5 legendary emotes in Free Fire MAX that fans love

5) Flower of Love emote

Flower of Love is considered a good emote. In this, the character proposes to someone sitting on his knee. It looks great and people try to achieve it every now and then in some way or the other.

4) I’m Rich Emote

I’m Rich emote was released in 2020. A lot of amazing costumes were brought here and this emote became the most talked about topic. In this, the player sits on a pile of money and does some funny moves. This emote is cute.

3) Booyah! emote

The Booyah emote is pretty fair and is used by many to celebrate victory. “BOOYAH!” Font pops up in the air and celebrates the victory by raising his hands.

2) Eat my dust emote

The animation of the Eat My Dust emote is mainly loved. In this the character sits on a car and shows dance moves. This is a very attractive option.

1) FFWC Throne Emote

The FFWC Throne emote was released in 2019 and became very popular due to its cool animations. This emote is usually used by players to celebrate.

(Note: In this article, the author has given his opinion about emotes. Everyone’s choice may be slightly different.)