5 great pets new players should use in Free Fire

PETS: Free Fire Max is one of the most dynamic gaming titles in the battle royale genre. Garena keeps adding fun and amazing things to the shop section that gamers can purchase. Like characters, guns, pets and emotes etc. These things are purchased with diamonds and gold coins. Pets have special powers which are very beneficial while fighting. Well, in this article we are going to look at 5 great pets.

5 great pets new players should use in Free Fire Max

5) Robo

Robo is the most favorite pet in Free Fire Max which has a power called Wall Enforcement. This glue adds extra strength to the wall. When the Glue Wall is placed in front of the enemy, the Robot makes it more powerful by adding extra strength and the enemy takes more effort to break the Glue Wall.

Adds 60 HP to the structure to defend itself at level one and adds 100 HP at maximum level.

4) Rockie

Rocky is a great option for players who use active characters. It has a power called Stay Chill which reduces the total down time. Reduces total down by 6% at level one and 15% at maximum level. The cost of this pet is 599 diamonds.

3) Detective Panda

The third pet in this list is Detective Panda which has a special power called Panda Blessings. It is mostly used in self-defense situations. It increases HP upon elimination of enemies. Increases up to 10 HP at maximum level.

2) Value

Beginner players should use Arvon pet in Free Fire Max. This is a great option to improve the gameplay. This pet costs 499 diamonds in the store. However, in many events, players get pets at very low prices, so keep checking at special moments. It has a power called Dinocolors, which detects enemies within a radius of 50 meters.

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1) Opterus

Ottero is the best option in the pet section in Free Fire Max. It has a power called Double Blubber, which is used when there is low health. When using the Medicit and Treatment Pistol, players get extra EP.

Note: The list of pets given above is based on the writer but every fan has different types of preferences.

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