5 best tips to improve your rank in Free Fire (March 2023)

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Free Fire not only offers high-quality graphics and engaging gameplay, it also features an immersive tier-ranking system where one can upgrade their rank by playing and winning more matches.

This helps them access higher leagues as well as unlock amazing rewards like avatars, frames, and many other in-game items. However, the competition gets very intense the higher one climbs the ladder, which is why this article will offer the five best tips to improve your rank in Free Fire.

NOTE: Indian players should refrain from installing Free Fire because it is banned in the country. They can instead play the MAX version. Also, this article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

Five tips and tricks to rank up faster in Free Fire

5) Balance kills and survival

When you’re pushing rank in Free Fire, you are recommended to maintain a balance between getting kills and surviving. You cannot expect to earn a decent amount of tier-ranking points after being eliminated in the initial zones of a match.

Hence, you should focus on surviving till the final zone while getting at least 4-5 kills per match. This will fetch you good tier-ranking points while helping you maintain your K/D ratio and other stats.

4) Use utilities

Utilities are of great use in Free Fire as they allow players to put their opponents at a disadvantage. Garena offers various options in this regard, including frag, smoke, and gloo wall grenades. Moreover, many healing utility items can be used to completely fill the health bar.

Frags are very handy when it comes to knocking a player on the enemy team, allowing you to push and eliminate them. You can use other items like smoke and gloo wall grenades to make cover in open zones to survive longer. Also, you can use different strategies with such items to get better results in Free Fire.

3) Good landing spot

A good landing spot will help you get better loot and will increase your chances of surviving till the final zones. You can choose a place to land in based on your playstyle. Alternatively, you can also go for locations you are familiar with to get an advantage over your rivals.

Regardless, it is recommended to keep an eye on enemies landing with you and eliminate them as soon as possible. This will allow you to get valuable loot before them.

2) Don’t play with randoms

The second tip is very important for those who push their ranks in duos and squads. In both these modes, teammates need to have a good synergy between them.

This is why you are recommended not to play ranked matches with random individuals in Free Fire. It will only increase your chances of getting eliminated from the match early and losing tier-ranking points.

You must play matches with a few individuals on your squad regularly to build experience and facilitate better coordination. This will help you play on each other’s strengths and win games more easily.

1) Accessing higher leagues

Free Fire is all about winning games, which rewards players with extra tier-ranking points and other items. You are advised to start pushing your ranking as soon as a new season starts.

At the beginning of any season, all players start from the same tier, and if you start early, you might be able to get to the higher leagues before them. For this, focus on winning each match to improve your win ratio as well as getting plus-tier points to reach Heroic and Grandmaster.