5 best Free Fire guns for rank push and aggressive gameplay in August 2022

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Free Fire is one of the most beloved titles in the battle royale genre. The high-quality graphics, along with eye-catching dynamics, make it one of the best choices for mobile gaming fans.

Gamers can choose various weapons, from assault rifles to shotguns, to take on their enemies. However, it can be difficult for players to choose the best weapon based on different battle ranges and game styles.

MP40 and the four best weapons for rank push and aggressive gameplay in Free Fire

5) MP5

The MP5 is a popular SMG in Free Fire (Image via Garena)


The MP5 is an excellent SMG recommendation for users to push their ranks to higher leagues as it offers a magnificent rate of fire and high ammunition capacity.

They can load up to 48 bullets per round, sufficient to take on more than one enemy. The gun has a fantastic rate of fire of 76 with a high movement speed of 81 to make it easy for the character to move quickly. The base damage of the weapon is kept at 48 hit points.

4) AWM

The AWM, a bolt-action sniper rifle in Free Fire, makes players beasts in mid and long-range gunfights. They can also use the sniper to steal third-party kills from long ranges.

The gun comes with a pre-equipped 8x scope that offers a great range. It has an average damage per hit of 90 hit points, enough to take down an enemy with a single headshot. The AWM is exclusive to airdrops only in-game.

3) M1014

The M1014 is the best shotgun for Free Fire gamers. Its serious single-shot damage makes the weapon unbeatable in close-range battles.

It is an excellent choice for aggressive players and rank pushers, who can easily take down opponents in 1v1 battles.

The gun has an impressive base damage of 94 hit points. Users can load up to six bullets per round, which helps take down enemy squads in a few shots.

However, individuals must watch the firearm’s slow reload speed of 20-22 seconds.

2) Groza

The Groza is considered one of the best assault rifles for players with an aggressive playstyle. It comes with an impressive range and damage per hit, helping defeat opponents in 2-3 headshots and getting more Booyahs.

The gun comes with a base damage of 61 hit points, along with more lethal and impressive stability and range. The extra coverage helps users spot their enemies in mid and long ranges more quickly and get their kill points for faster push to higher tiers.

1) MP40

The MP40 is one of the deadliest close-range weapons in Free Fire. It offers an excellent rate of fire and decent damage per hit.

The firearm also provides an extraordinary reload speed to take on more enemies in close-quarter fights without worrying about shifting to a secondary weapon.

It has a rate of fire of 83 with 48 damage per hit, which makes this SMG a perfect choice for rank push and aggressive gameplay. Gamers can use it as their primary rifle to take on enemies in 1v1 battles and rack up their kill counts and tier rankings.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author’s views.