5 best female characters of Free Fire for 8000 gold coins

There are 37 different characters in Garena Free Fire. During this time the characters have special powers. During this time, many female characters are also present in the game. In this article we are going to talk about 8000 gold coins present in Free Fire.

The best female characters in Free Fire for 8000 gold coins

#1 Moco

Moco has a power called Hacker Eye. He can see nearby enemies for two seconds. You can also increase the time by increasing the level. The cost of this character is approximately 8000 gold coins.

#2 Laura

Laura has a great power called Sharp Shooter. Due to this, when you open the scope and try to aim, the aim becomes better. This is a much more beneficial option.

#3 Caroline

With the help of Caroline, you can easily increase the movement speed by 3% while wielding the shotgun. Also, by increasing Caroline’s level, movement speed can increase by 8%.

#4 Paloma

This character has a special power called Arms-Dealing. You can store 30 AR bullets without taking up any space. With the help of Paloma at level 6, you can place 180 AR ammo. Apart from this, it will not fill up the space of your bag.

#5 Misha

Misha has an act named Afterburner. This increases the speed while driving by 2%. Apart from this, damage is also reduced by 5%. This character is a very good option.

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