5 awesome gun skins in Free Fire MAX that have amazing kill effect

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Everyone has a slightly different opinion about gun skins in Free Fire MAX. Players always try to have better gun skins. However, some skins are famous for their kill effect. In this article, we will talk about 5 awesome gun skins of Free Fire MAX, which have good kill effect.

5 awesome gun skins in Free Fire MAX that have amazing kill effect

5) Destiny Guardian XM8

The kill effect of the Destiny Guardian gun skin is good. In this the opponent gets caught in a lightning bolt. It looks very luxurious and for this only many people like to take the skin.

4) Predator Cobra MP40

The Predator Cobra skin of MP40 is awesome and people like its kill effect. In this, the loot becomes a red colored cobra on the crate. This is a great option for close range.

3) Famas – Demonic Grin Skin

Demonic Grin skin is mainly liked for its kill effect. Animation of flames emerges in this. Also the kill effect of the gun is very strong. In this, the opponent flies in the air with the demon in red color animation.

2) Scar – Megalodon Alpha Skin

The kill effect of Scar Megalodon Alpha is great. In this, the combination of red and black is tremendous, its kill effect is good to see because the shark jumps in the air.

1) Blue Flame Draco AK Skin

Fans love the AK assault rifle with the Blue Flame Draco skin. A big reason for this is the tremendous kill effect. The blue color animation comes after the kill.

Note: The author has given his opinion in this article. Everyone’s choice may be slightly different regarding kill effects.