5 Amazing Pets After the Update to Garena Free Fire Max

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Pets play an important role on the field in Garena Free Fire Max. They are very useful during fights on the field. Several pet options are available for in-game players. Players can purchase any pet of their choice using Diamonds currency.

However, in the beginning, new players get upset that it is difficult to choose the strongest stomach in the game. So, in this article, we are going to look at 5 awesome pets after the update to Garena Free Fire Max.

5 Amazing Pets After the Update to Garena Free Fire Max

#1 – Robo

Robo in Free Fire Max is a dangerous stomach. It has a capability called Wall Enforcement. It can break the glue wall cover on the ground much faster than others. After breaking the wall, the player’s HP increases, which is considered very economical.

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#2 – Falco

The Falco in Free Fire Max is a flying belly. It has a power called Skyline Spree. It makes the players land faster on the field. Apart from this, the Falco increases the gliding speed by 45% to 50%.

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# 3 – Ottero

Ottero is a beneficial stomach to use on the field. It has the power of double blubber. It recovers EP and HP for the player. Marks the mushrooms around him.


#4 – Rockie

Rockie is the most dangerous stomach in Free Fire Max. There is a power in this stomach called Stay Chill. This reduces the character’s total down by 10% to 15%. It is very useful during gun fight on the field.

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#5 – Agent Hop

Agent Hop in Free Fire Max has a power called bouncing bonus. It provides EP to players outside the zone on the field. You can buy this pet from the store section.

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