5 amazing and legendary bundles in Free Fire MAX that players love to use

Free Fire MAX: Many people like bundles in Free Fire MAX. With its help you can make yourself look different and unique. Bundles contain tops, bottoms, shoes and other items. Many people are not aware of good bundles. In this article we will talk about the 5 best and legendary bundles.

5 amazing and legendary bundles in Free Fire MAX that players love to use

5) Fury Senior Bundle

The Fury Senior Bundle is very well received. The yellow hair and dragon flame sticker looks great in this. You will get these items in the bundle:

  • Fury Senior Top
  • Fury Senior Bottom
  • Fury Senior Shoes
  • Fury Senior Head

4) Street Boy Bundle

Many people like to use the Street Boy bundle for themselves. The main reason for this is the animated shoes. It contains:

  • Street Boy Top
  • Street Boy Bottom
  • Street Boy Head
  • Street Boy Shoes
  • Street Boy Mask

3) Bluesilk Royalty Bundle

By using the Bluesilk Royalty Bundle you can make yourself look better than other players. This bundle includes:

  • Bluesilk Royalty Top
  • Bluesilk Royalty Bottom
  • Bluesilk Royalty Shoes
  • Bluesilk Royalty Head

2) Celestial Cosmopuff Bundle

The Celestial Cosmopuff bundle looks great and the jacket and head of this bundle are most unique. These items will be found in it:

  • Celestial Cosmopuff टॉप
  • Celestial Cosmopuff Bottom
  • Celestial Cosmopuff Shoes
  • Celestial Cosmopuff Mask

1) Everything Goes Bundle

The Everything Goes bundle in Free Fire MAX is a much more funky option. It reminds me of street style. This bundle includes:

  • Everything Goes टॉप
  • Everything Goes बॉटम
  • Everything Goes जूते
  • Everything Goes हेड
  • Everything Goes मास्क

(Note: The author has given his opinion in this article. Everyone’s choice may be slightly different regarding bundles.)

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