4 Ways to Improve K/D Ratio in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX: K/D ratio is very important in Free Fire MAX. This shows how the players are performing in the match. Many people play squad matches and it becomes difficult to increase the ratio. In this article we will talk about 4 ways by which K/D ratio can be increased.

4 Ways to Improve K/D Ratio in Free Fire MAX

4) If there is a chance of getting knocked down in a fight, change the position

Staying at one place continuously can cause harm. Many times if you get damaged and then get pushed, you do not change the place. This remains a big mistake. You should change position and increase health when the opponent comes closer. This will be very beneficial.

3) Make good character combination

There is a lot of benefit from characters and if you make combinations by combining the strengths of some characters, then the K/D ratio improves. By using the powers of different characters, you can give more damage to your opponents.

2) Pay attention to the skills of your colleagues

It is difficult to win single-handedly in squad matches. You will need partners. Try that your companions are also skilled. This will see a steady improvement in performance and you will be able to increase your K/D ratio while getting more kills.

1) Try to get at least kills in every match

To increase the K/D ratio in Free Fire MAX, you will always have to try to get as many kills as possible. Make a target in the match that you will have to make at least 5 kills. By doing this the K/D ratio will remain stable and improve over time.

(Note: The author has given his opinion in this article. Everyone’s preference may be slightly different regarding the way of playing.)

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