4 amazing tips to reach Heroic Tier faster in Free Fire Max

TIPS: Free Fire Max is a battle royale game based on rank system which is played by millions of players on Android and iOS devices. In this, new rank season is provided every two months.

Every fan wants to reach higher tier by pushing the rank but pushing the rank is not easy. Therefore, in this article we are going to look at 4 great tips to reach the Heroic tier faster in Free Fire Max.

4 amazing tips to reach Heroic Tier faster in Free Fire Max

4) Select drop location

In Free Fire Max, players have to reach the Heroic Tier as soon as possible. They will have to survive inside the top 5 in every match. Apart from this, players will have to select the correct location while landing the plane. Players get points for surviving. However, making kills gives good points. Land by selecting the right location.

3) Selection of Guns

The second tip to push rank faster inside the game is to choose powerful guns. Make the most of SMGs and assault rifles with low recoil in this game. It is capable of giving good damage to the enemies.

2) Great characters

There are many character options within the Free Fire Max game. Gamers can select powerful characters based on their choice and can easily increase rank points by performing well. K character is a great option to push rank.

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1) Survival time is most important

Survival time is considered the most important thing in Free Fire Max. Because, to earn maximum rank points, players will have to increase the survival time. Gamers can increase survival time by playing the game smartly.

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