3 ways to win close range fights in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX: Everyone wants to win fights in Free Fire MAX. Meanwhile, range also plays an important role. Generally, fighting in close range proves to be quite dangerous. Many people are not able to survive in this. Therefore, in this article we will talk about 3 ways by which you can perform well at close range.

3 ways to win close range fights in Free Fire MAX

1. Choose the right weapon

Everyone wants to perform well in the game. Choose the right gun for this. Assault rifles or SMGs are good choices for close range. The shotgun is also a good thing. Guns of this category can prove to be excellent for close range. If you choose mid range guns, you may have to suffer huge losses.

2. Take headshots

Aiming for the head will be the best thing you can do to win fights at close range. The damage is maximum on the head and in such a situation you can defeat the opponent in just a few shots. To win in close range fights, try to hit as many targets as possible on the head.

3. Keep moving constantly

Staying in one place in Free Fire MAX makes it easier for opponents to spot and target you. For this reason, you should keep moving continuously. You can show jumps, crowd and other types of movements. This will make you difficult to aim and will greatly improve your performance at close range.

(Note: The author has given his opinion in this article. Everyone’s preference may be different regarding the way to play.)

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