3 ways to reach Grandmaster tier in Free Fire MAX, Apply all Steps now

Free Fire MAX: Everyone wants to push the rank fast in Free Fire MAX. For this one always has to perform well. This work is not easy but in some cases you can improve and increase the rank. In this article we will talk about 5 ways to reach the Grandmaster tier.

3 ways to reach Grandmaster tier in Free Fire MAX

3) Play in coordination

To get to Grandmaster you will need your teammates in squad matches. You don’t have to play with random people at all. Always play with friends only. When the time comes, this partner will be able to push with you and revive. This will make your path easier for rank push. In both Duo or Squad mode, you must play with teammates. This point will have no meaning in solo mode.

2) Use Glue Walls Properly

Glue walls have been mentioned on many occasions. It is a fact that you will need a glue wall to perform consistently. It protects you from opponents. You can revive your friends with this, it can increase their health.

1) Always stay close to the safe zone

Not doing proper zone rotation can be a bad thing when pushing rank in Free Fire MAX. For this reason, try to stay in the safe zone only. Even if you live outside the zone, try to stay close. This will at least eliminate the chances of you getting knocked out or eliminated due to your zone.

(Note: In this article, the author has given his opinion regarding the method of increasing rank. Everyone’s choice may be slightly different in this matter.)

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