3 ways to get maximum kills in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX: In Free Fire MAX, all the players like to kill as much as possible but doing so is not an easy task. Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you 3 methods, using which we will be able to kill in maximum quantity.

3 ways to get maximum kills in Free Fire MAX

1) Use shotguns at close range

In this game, players get a lot of weapon options, using which they have to take fights with the opponents on the field. Due to the variety of weapon options, players get confused as to which weapon can be more beneficial for killing enemies. To perform well at close range, players should use shotguns, which include the M1887, M1873, Spas12, and M1014. Using these, you can kill in maximum quantity.

2) Land on hot drops

In this battle royale game, players should land on hot drops to get maximum kills, because 4 to 5 squads land at these places and can get maximum amount of kills by taking powerful loot. Players will have to fight smartly on Hot Drops, because enemies remain camped. In such a situation, you will have to take one step at a time based on strategy.

3) Practice in Training Mode

In Free Fire MAX, players get the beneficial option of training mode, in which they can improve by practicing on the weak areas. If players are facing problems in sensitivity, aim or one-tap headshot, then they can practice on all these things by going to training mode. Then they will be able to give a strong performance against the opponents on the field and will be successful in getting maximum kills.

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