3 reasons why Mr. Wagor in Free Fire is considered to be the best stomach

Garena Free Fire has been the most popular battle royale game in the e-Sports category in India. Free Fire provides high-level features to players, which makes it better than other battle royales.

One unique feature in Free Fire is the pet. There are currently a total of 17 pets in the store section, which are very helpful to players on the field.

Mr. Waggor is the most famous pet, which has very special and tremendous powers. It has a power called smooth glue. There are three very famous features present in this pet, due to which all the players call it Mr. Likes Waggor. Well, in this article we will discuss about Mr. Waggor is going to tell 3 major causes of stomach.

3 reasons why Mr. Wagor in Free Fire is considered to be the best stomach

#1 -Mr. Incredible strength in Waggor

In Free Fire Mr. Waggor has a power called Smooth Glue inside him. It provides the players with a glue wall on the field.

Mr. Waggor provides glue wall based on level. Takes 120 seconds at level 1, and 100 seconds at level 3.

#2 – Instant Glue Wall Cover

In times of trouble in Free Fire, Mr. Waggor’s strength is beneficial to players. If a squad rushes at the player in Clash Squad mode, the player can only escape using one method. Use Glue Wall immediately, and easily take cover and fight the enemies.

Apart from this, if any teammate gets knocked down by the enemy on the open field, he can easily revive him by making a cover of Glue Wall.

#3 – Useful for combining with every character

In Free Fire Mr. Waggor can be combined with any number of characters. Like DJ Alok, Chrono, Maxim, and Dimitri.

Using combinations in Free Fire increases strength, which helps a lot on the field.

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