3 places on Free Fire’s Bermuda map where players can benefit from landing

There are mainly three maps in Free Firs. During this period, Bermuda map is liked the most. Recently some changes have been made in it and efforts have been made to make it better than before. Well, in this article we will talk about the best places to land on the new Bermuda map.

The 3 most amazing places to land on Free Fire’s new Bermuda map

#1 peak

Peak is the coolest option for landing in the new Bermuda map. Many superstars land at this place and you get tremendous loot here. Along with this, many players land here and in such a situation, you will enjoy a lot in taking fights.

#2 Academy

Academy is a great place and has been added with the new map. However, you will face difficulty in rotating from here. Despite this, if you land here, you and your companions will get great loot.

#3 Clock Tower

Like Peak, Clock Tower is also a great hot-drop. This place is actually present in the middle of the Bermuda map. You get great loot here but only a few players land here. You may have to fight in the beginning.

Apart from this, players can also land on Pochinok, Nurek Dam and Bimasakti Strip in Free Fire. That is also a great option.

Note: Landing locations depend on the plane’s route. Despite this, if you have these places then they will be a better option.

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