3 most powerful guns in Free Fire MAX that can be used at long range

Free Fire MAX: It is important to perform well in every range in Free Fire MAX. Many times the choice of weapons becomes very important. It is difficult to aim at long range and in such a situation, if the choice of gun is also bad, then there will be problem. In this article we will talk about the 3 best guns that can be used by players at long range.

3 most powerful guns in Free Fire MAX that can be used at long range

1- AWM sniper rifle

AWM cannot be kept out of this list. This gun already comes with an 8x scope. With its help you can destroy people present at a distance. The opponent is defeated in one or two shots.

2- SVD

SVD is liked by many people. There is already a scope attached to it. It can be used in mid and long range. If a player is close to the airdrop, you can knock them out while still at a distance. The SVD has good accuracy and so you probably won’t face as many problems.

3- KAR98K sniper rifle

The KAR98K in Free Fire MAX is a sniper rifle that is similar to the AWM. The good thing is that the KAR98K is easily available and is a very good option in terms of accuracy. Its range is a little less and due to this you may definitely have to face problems. It can definitely be used at long range.

(Note: The author has given his opinion in this article. Everyone’s preference may be slightly different in terms of landing.)

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