3 great character combinations with Chrono to push up the ranks in Free Fire

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In Garena Free Fire, players have a variety of character choices. Players can purchase any powerful character of their choice using diamonds. The in-game Chrono character is modeled on Cristiano Ronaldo. It has the power of a time turner. It creates a powerful CD on the field as well as increases movement speed by 10%. Its total down time is seconds. 

Well, here are 3 great character combinations with Chrono to push up the ranks in Free Fire.

3 great character combinations with Chrono to push up the ranks in Free Fire

3) Chrono + D-bee + Dasha + HayatoBullet beats the power of the D-Bee (Image Via Garena)

  • D-Bee – Bullet Beats
  • Dasha – parting on
  • Hayato – Bushido

The D-Bee in Free Fire has a power called Bullet Beats. It increases the speed movement on the field.Dasha's power parting on (Image Via Garena)

Dasha is the most unique female pat in Free Fire. It has a lot of power which is beneficial on the field.Hayato's Strength Bushido (Image Via Garena)

Hayato is the most powerful character in the combination. Its power keeps increasing the power of armor. Hence, it is better for combo.

2) Chrono + Kla + Antonio + MocoKla's Power My Thai (Image Via Garena)

  • Kla: My Thai
  • Antonio: Gangster Spirit
  • Moco: Hacker Eye

Kla is the best character for close range. It has the power of the name Mai Thai. It gives a lot of damage to the enemies.Antonio's Power Gangster Spirit (Image Via Garena)

Antonio’s strength is a gangster spirit. It gives players extra HP.Moco's power came from the hacker (Image Via Garena)

Moco is a female character with passive strength in Free Fire. It has Hacker Eye capability which spots the location of opponents on the field.

1) Chrono + Jota + Jai + LuquetaJota's Power Sustained Rides (Image Via Garena)

  • Jota: Sustained Rides
  • Jai: Ragging Reload
  • Luqueta: Hat Trick

The Garena Free Fire has the Sustain Rides power inside the Jota. It increases HP after hitting the ground with SMG and Shotgun.Jai's Power Ragging Reload (Image Via Garena).

Jai in Free Fire has a power called Ragging Reload. It controls the magazine to a great extent on the field. Such as AR, Pistol, SMG, and SG guns etc.

Inside Luqueta in Free Fire is a power called the hat trick. Increases HP when nailed to the ground

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