3 characters in Free Fire MAX that have become very popular over time

Free Fire MAX: There are many characters in Free Fire MAX and its number is increasing with time. Many people have questions about good characters. Despite all these things, popular characters also play an important role. There are some popular characters in the game who are being liked the most. In this article we will talk about the 3 most popular characters present in this battle royale.

3 characters in Free Fire MAX that have become very popular over time

1- Jai

The Jai character is no longer in the game but it has been the most popular in India. The big reason for this is that the Jai character was actually based on the famous Hollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. This character can hold more bullets.

2- DJ Alok

DJ Alok has the power called Drop The Beat. With the help of this character, an area of ​​5 meters is created and by staying inside it, you get 5 HP every second for a short time. An increase is also seen in terms of movement speed. This character is used by many people and that is why it has become a popular choice.

3- Hayato

Hayato character in Free Fire MAX has a power called Bushido. It really gives off a samurai feel and is therefore a unique option. As your health begins to decrease, armor penetration improves by 7.5%. Players who play aggressively get a good fighting time regardless of HP.

(Note: The author has given his opinion in this article. Your choice may be slightly different in the list of most famous characters.)

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