3 big reasons why you should use Rocky Pet in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX: In Free Fire MAX, a power named Stay Chill can be seen near Rocky’s stomach, which is considered beneficial for performing well on the field. Therefore, in this article we will tell you 3 big reasons why Rocky Pet should be used.

3 big reasons why you should use Rocky Pet in Free Fire MAX

1) Characters’ cooldown time will be reduced

In Free Fire MAX, powerful characters are used by the players, so that they can perform strongly against the opponents on the field. Powerful characters have longer cooldown times. Therefore, players should use Rocky Pet with powerful characters, which will reduce the cooldown time by 10% to 15% and there will be no problem in using the strength of the characters.

2) Can play aggressive games

In this battle royale game, players like to kill as much as possible. If you camp in front of your opponents on the field, they will easily find and kill you. Because of this, players will have to play an aggressive game on the field. To play this type of game, you should use Rockie, because the strength of this stomach is considered very beneficial, which helps a lot in playing aggressive games.

3) Can push rank

Rank push is done by all players in Free Fire MAX. They can claim rewards for free by moving to higher tiers. Pushing up the ranks is not easy. Players have to face many problems. For this reason, Rocky stomach should be used, so that one can perform well in all the matches and increase the rank rapidly.

(Note: In this article, the author has expressed his opinion regarding the use of Rocky Pet. Everyone’s preference may be different in this matter)

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