3 big reasons why you should use Detective Panda Pet in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX: Detective Panda was added to Free Fire MAX a long time ago. A unique power named Panda’s Blessings can be seen in it. By using this you can give a strong performance in front of your opponents. Therefore, in this article we will tell you 3 big reasons why Detective Panda Pet should be used.

3 big reasons why you should use Detective Panda Pet in Free Fire MAX

1) Can push up the ranks faster

In this battle royale game, players should use Detective Panda to push up the ranks. By using this you can get heroic tier faster. This gives players an advantage in terms of healing and while pushing the rank, players have to take great care of healing. For this reason Detective Panda is considered a good option.

2) Can get maximum kills

Getting a kill in this battle royale game is not an easy task. If faced against pro players on the field, players face a lot of problems. In such a situation, by using Detective Panda, you can get maximum kills and maintain the K/D ratio. You can buy this pet by going to the store.

3) Considered helpful in healing

Detective Panda in Free Fire MAX is considered very helpful in stomach healing. If you kill opponents using this stomach, the player’s HP increases. Players will get 5 HP on every kill. It is considered very beneficial in difficult situations. This pet can be used in combination with characters with active powers.

(Note: In this article, the author has expressed his opinion regarding the use of Rocky Pet. Everyone’s preference may be different in this matter)

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