3 best shotguns for new players in Free Fire

Weapons have great importance inside Free Fire. In such a situation, players mostly use shotguns for close range. Shotguns are considered one of the best options. In such a situation, in this article we will talk about the best shotguns available in Free Fire.

List of best shotguns in Free Fire

#1 M1887

M1887 can be considered the best shotgun in Free Fire. Its damage is 100 and you get a very good fire rate here and its reload speed is also good. Apart from rank mode, this gun can also be used in Clash Squad mode.


#2 M1014

The M1014 shotgun is a great option in Free Fire. Its damage is quite high and you can hit multiple shots at once. In such a situation, it can be a better option and many people also use it in small modes.

#3 SPAS12

SPAS12 can be considered a better choice in shotguns. You can only kill at close range with K shots. Despite this, even if you land two-three shots easily, the opponent gets a kill. The SPAS12 is widely used as a shotgun.

Note: Every player has different preferences. These guns are special according to the author. In such a situation, other guns might be a better option for you.

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