3 best places to land Kalahari map in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX: Different types of maps were introduced in Free Fire MAX over time. Kalahari map came into the game a few years ago and it has become popular quite quickly. Many people like to use this map. Still many people like to play Bermuda map only. Let us tell you that Kalahari is also a good map and you should try your hand in it too. Many people don’t know a good place for landing. In this article we will talk about 3 amazing places which are good landing places in Kalahari map.

3 best places to land Kalahari map in Free Fire MAX

1- Refinery

Refinery can be considered the hot drop of this map. Many players land at this place and loot is also available here. Aggressive players can easily land a lot of kills at this place. From here the rotation also becomes a little simpler.

2- The Sub

You can become a part of the initial fights by landing on The Sub or Submarine location. The entire team can get good loot here. After this you can take fights and get some kills. The good thing is that you can get a car near this place. With this you can rotate even at the last moment.

3- Confinement

Many people do not like to land Confinement in Free Fire MAX. Landing at this place can be a good option. Good loot is available at this place. If you want to play safely, then this place can be very useful.

(Note: In this article the author has given his opinion. Everyone’s choice may be slightly different regarding the landing place.)

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