3 best places to land in Free Fire MAX’s Bermuda map

Free Fire MAX: Many people like to play Bermuda map in Free Fire MAX. There is a lot of competition in this map and due to this it is very important to land at the right place. Many people are concerned about landing sites. In this article we will talk about the 3 best places to land in Bermuda map.

The 3 best places to land in the Bermua map in Free Fire MAX

1 – Peak

Many people land on Peak because it is located in the middle. There are many buildings in this place and the loot here is quite good. There is no dearth of enemies in this place and this will be a good place for aggressive players who want to get kills. There is not just one squad at this place but many places.

2 – Mill

Mill is a hot drop and many people land at this place. There aren’t that many buildings in this place but the loot is decent for one squad. Less people land here compared to other places. Rotation definitely becomes a little easier from this place. Those who play wisely can get a lot of benefits by landing here.

3 – Bimasaki Strip

Many people like Bimasakti Strip place in Free Fire MAX game. There are some nice houses in this place and the loot here is very good. You will always get a vehicle here and rotation will become much easier. All types of players land at this place.

(Note: The author has given his opinion in this article. Everyone’s preference may be slightly different regarding landing.)

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