3 best active characters for Clash Squad mode in Free Fire MAX

The characters of Free Fire MAX have a different importance and all of them have unique powers. Players have more than 40 characters available and you can buy and use any character as per your need.

There are two types of characters in the game – active and passive. Active character is used when time comes and has more power. Also the passive character is used constantly throughout the game. In Clash Squad mode, the rounds are very short. In such a situation, active characters prove to be more effective.

3 best active characters for Clash Squad mode in Free Fire MAX

3) Skyler

With a power called Riptide Rhythm, you can demolish 5 Glue Walls. Destroying a Glue Wall grants 4 HP and its cooldown is 85 seconds. You can destroy the opponents’ cover and get an advantage from it.

2) K

By using the power of the name Master of All, you can use the K character properly. With its help you can increase EP by 50 points. Using Jiu-Jitsu mode you increase EP conversion rates by up to 500%. By using Psychology mode you can gain 3 EP every second. This is a good option in terms of health.

1) Alok

Alok has a power called Drop the Beat. A 5 meter zone is created and movement speed can be increased by up to 10%. Also you get 5 HP every second. Its cooldown is 70 seconds.

(Note: The author has given his opinion in this article. Everyone’s choice may be slightly different regarding the characters.)

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