3 amazing ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX: Everyone wants to get unique skins, rewards, bundles, weapon and vehicle skins in Free Fire MAX. Diamonds have to be spent for all these things. This is the main currency of the game and has to be purchased by spending money. Many people are not able to buy diamonds. For those people, there are some good ways to get diamonds. Therefore, in this article we will talk about 3 ways by which you can get diamonds for free.

3 amazing ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX

1) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards app is the best way to get diamonds. You will find some surveys here, on completing them you get Google Play credits. By spending these you can get diamonds in the game.

2) Poll Pay App

Like Google Survey Monitor app, on Poll Pay also you can get free things by doing surveys and simple tasks. You get some credits, with which you can get Google Play credits or vouchers. You can get diamonds in Free Fire MAX by redeeming them .

3) Redeem Code

Many items are released by developers through redeem codes and in the meantime, sometimes diamonds also come as rewards. These redeem codes are released on social media and for this you have to be continuously active. There is an official website named Free Fire Rewards. There you have to login with your ID and click on the confirm button. Items will appear in the mail section of the game.

(Note: In all these methods you will have to work very hard. You will not be able to get diamonds in just a few steps.)

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