You Are Getting Free Cheerful Bunny Parachute Skin And More In Free Fire MAX, Do It Like This

The Aim for the Head event in Free Fire MAX has started from today. In this, players are getting free Cheerful Bunny Parachute skin as reward.

Story Highlights

  • The Aim for the Head event in Free Fire MAX will run till January 19.
  • In this, the task has to be completed to get the reward.
  • Players will have to make a specific number of headshots.

In Free Fire MAX, Aim for the Head players are getting a chance to get one of the best cosmetic items. One of the items available in this amazing event is the Cheerful Bunny Parachute skin. Apart from this, players are also getting a lot of things. This event has come to the game for only a few days. However, players have to complete certain tasks to get items through the event. Come, let us know in details.

Free Fire MAX Aim for the Head Event

Free Fire MAX Aim for the Head Event has started in the game from today i.e. January 16, 2024. It will be live in the game till January 19. Its name itself tells what kind of tasks players will have to complete in the event. Gamers will have to perform a specific number of headshots to receive items as rewards. On completing the task you will get the Cheerful Bunny Parachute skin. Tasks and task list are given below.

Tasks and Rewards

  • To get the Titanium Weapon Loot Crate, players will have to perform seven headshots.
  • Players can get 15 consecutive headshots for free or a Cheerful Bunny Parachute. Or 3x Gold Royale Vouchers (expire date February 29, 2024)

Let us tell you that Garena has not given any specific game mode to complete the task. Players can get headshots by playing the game in any mode as per their convenience. Players can easily get headshots in clash mode. Players have this good opportunity.

By opening the Titanium Weapon Loot Crate, players can get Titanium MP40, Steel Winds UMP, Silver Bullet M14 and Divine Explosion M79.

How to claim reward?

  • Open the game to get rewards.
  • After this, click on the event option coming on the left side of the screen.
  • Then click on the Aim for the Head event under the Activities section.
  • Now click on the claim button appearing in front of the reward.

In this way you will be able to easily get free rewards. Players will not even have to spend diamonds i.e. in-game currency.

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