Through the Better Together event in Free Fire, How to get a free bundle

Free Fire MAX: Different types of events are continuously added to Free Fire MAX. Recently an event named Better Together has been included in the game. By participating you can get a great bundle for free. In this article we will give you information about the new event and find out how you can get free rewards.

How to get a free bundle through the Better Together event in Free Fire MAX?

The developers have released an event called Better Together a short time ago. It was released yesterday i.e. 13th February 2024. It is scheduled to run till 28 February 2024. Right now players have a lot of time to participate in this event. There are three easy tasks in it. Information about this is given below.

  • Helping 6 teammates will give you 2000 Gold Coins.
  • Get free 4 Gold Royale Vouchers when you help 12 teammates.
  • Earn a free Buttercup Dusk Bundle or 10 Diamond Royale Vouchers for helping 18 teammates.

How to claim the free prize?

You have to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX on your phone and login.

Step 2: You have to help 18 teammates in any mode. This task will take a lot of hard work.

Step 3: After the mission is done, go to the event option and you have to select the option of Better Together.

Step 4: A claim button will appear in front of the four rewards, click on it and you will get these things for free.

The Buttercup Dusk bundle looks great. Usually you have to get it by spending diamonds but now you are getting it for free. For this reason you should take advantage of the opportunity.

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