Season 13 Booyah Pass Available in Free Fire MAX: Know the price, main rewards and purchasing information

Free Fire MAX: January (Season 13) Booyah Pass has been entered in Free Fire MAX under the name Electri City. It is going to run from January 1 to January 31, 2024. Well, in this article we are going to give information about the price, main rewards and purchase of Booyah Pass of Season 13.

Season 13 Booyah Pass available in Free Fire MAX

Players are getting cosmetic and attractive rewards in Booyah Pass of Season 13 in Free Fire MAX. Information about all the items is given below:

  • Level 1 – Booyah Pass Pet Choice Crate and Kingfisher – Electro Enigma (30 days)
  • Level 10 – Electro Spark Bundle and Electro Storage Loot Box
  • Level 20 – Electri City Banner
  • Level 30 – Grenade – Electro Surge
  • Level 40 – Jeep – Electro Bumper
  • Level 50 – Electro Shorts and Electro Whisper Bundle
  • Level 60 – Electri City Avatar and 4x BP S13 Tokens
  • Level 70 – Electric Spitter Loot Box
  • Level 80 – Electric Skiboard and 4x BP S13 Tokens
  • Level 90 – 4x BP S13 Tokens
  • Level 91 – M500 – Electro Enforcer Skin
  • Level 100 – Kingfisher – Electro Enigma and 4x BP S13 Tokens
  • Level 105/110/115/120/125 – 4x BP S13 Tokens
  • Level 130 – Electro Moonblade Skin
  • Level 135 – 4x BP S13 Tokens
  • Level 140 – Electro Owner Backpack
  • Level 150 – Excellent Service emote and 12x BP S13 token
  • Level 151 – BP S13 Box (reward will be repeated)

You can level up by completing all the player missions and easily claim the Booyah Pass rewards for free. Also by upgrading you can buy Premium and Premium Plus pass with the help of diamonds.

How to buy Booyah Pass?

Step 1: Free Fire MAX game has to be logged in on the smartphone .

Step 2: Click on “Booyah Pass” on the left side of the lobby.

Step 3: You can choose Premium or Premium Plus by touching the upgrade button.

Step 4: You can claim the items by making payment based on the price.

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