Powerful Cobra Fist Comes To Garena Free Fire MAX, Get It Like This

A new Moco Store has gone live in Garena Free Fire MAX. Players are getting many rewards in this. Players have to spin to get rewards. Diamonds are needed to spin.


Story Highlights

  • Powerful Cobra Fist is available in Garena Free Fire MAX.
  • The new Moco Store has gone live in the game.
  • Players have to spin to get rewards.

The new Moco Store has gone live in Garena Free Fire MAX . Garena, the developer of the popular battle royale game, keeps introducing different types of Moco stores from time to time. In this, players get a chance to get legendary rewards. A new Moco store has recently arrived in the game. In this, there is a chance to get many amazing items along with the powerful Cobra Fist. Come, read below to know about it in detail.

Garena Free Fire MAX Moco Store

Free Fire Max Moco went live in the Store game on January 21, 2024. This game will end on February 3, 2024. In this Moco store, players are also getting a chance to get powerful Fist skin and other rewards. However, players will have to spend some diamonds i.e. in-game currency to get the rewards. Grand and bonus prizes will be available in the Moco store.

grand prize

  • Cobra fist skin
  • Beast warrior bundle
  • G36-Flaring Bionica Skin
  • Bone fist skin
  • Beast fighter bundle
  • M4A1-wild carnival skin

bonus prize

  • Spirit fox belly
  • guardian cobra
  • Legendary cobra loot box
  • Flash belly
  • grenade cobra strike
  • Panking cobra

Players are getting the option of six items each in both the prize sections. In both the sections, they will have to select one item each which they want to get. After that a new prize pool will be created, the list of which has been won.

final price list

  • Prize selected from Grand Prize
  • Item selected from bonus prize list
  • BOOYAH Weapon Loot Crate
  • Luck Royal Voucher
  • Gold Royal Voucher
  • 2x Cube Fragment

Players will have to spend diamonds to get items from the Moco Store. They have to spin. Diamond price will increase after every spin.

spin price

First spin costs 9 diamonds

Second spin costs 19 diamonds

Third spin costs 49 diamonds

Fourth spin costs 99 diamonds

Fifth spin costs 199 diamonds

The sixth spin costs 499 diamonds.

This means that players can earn all the items by spending a total of six spins and 874 diamonds.

How to get reward?

To get the reward, players must first open Free Fire MAX on their device.

After that go to the Luck Royale section coming on the left side.

Then click on Moto Store.

After this, keep spinning and get the rewards of your choice.

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