New Free Fire MAX Holiday Playtime event starts today

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After the conclusion of the Work Hard Play Hard event in Free Fire MAX, Garena wasted no time in introducing another playtime event for the players to enjoy. It is called the Holiday Playtime event, where players can win Chroma Data Chip and Techno Joy Loot Box for free.

The playtime event’s appeal comes at its core since players of all skill levels can accomplish the stated prerequisites to obtain free rewards in the Free Fire MAX. All they have to do is log in and play for the specified duration to receive the specified items, thus forming the perfect opportunity to enjoy the game while winning exciting rewards.

How to get free Techno Joy Loot Box in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX Holiday Playtime has started today, March 7, 2023, at 4:00 am IST, and you will have until March 10, 2023, at 3:59 am IST to benefit from this opportunity of the playtime event. While there are no restrictions on the mode where the requirements will be counted, only the time spent inside the matches will be counted, not while the game is running.

The requirements and the corresponding rewards in the ongoing Free Fire MAX playtime event are as follows:

  • Play 40 minutes to get free 80x Chroma Data Chips
  • Play 80 minutes to get a free Techno Joy Loot Box

The two requirements are not separate, which essentially means that every minute you play the game will be counted for both items. You can play for 80 minutes while the event is available to win the items.

After achieving the requirements, the rewards are not automatically credited and must be claimed through the event tab. Additionally, you may track your progress through the same tab.

Steps to get a free Techno Joy Loot Box

You may follow the steps given below to collect Holiday Playtime event rewards in Free Fire MAX:

Step 1: Access Free Fire MAX and fulfill the event requirements by playing in the desired mode.

Step 2: Access the Holiday Playtime section under the Chroma Futura tab once you have reached that particular threshold.

Step 3: Click the claim button beside the activated rewards to claim them.

This loot box can be equipped through the vault section, while you must utilize the Chroma Data Chip through the special event interface before its completion.

Chroma Cards event

The Chroma Cards event has been around for the last few days and requires players to spend Chroma Data Chips to spin and receive one of the five random cards. You must acquire a specified number of cards to complete the level and receive a specific stage reward.

In the process, you may even exchange your tokens with your friends in a bid to complete the stages quickly. The event will only be available until March 9, so you only have a few days to meet the threshold.